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The MindSense R & R Program™

The MindSense R & R Program™ is a leader facilitated group program developed by expert psychologists, involving six face-to-face workshops, individual support and activities to encourage self-reflection.

This six module course utilises the latest research in mental health recovery to provide an evidence-based approach to psychological good health and self-care.

The MindSense R & R Program™ is targeted at;

• Injured workers – to assist recovery and return to work
• All Staff – as a preventative resilience building program

Module 1: Resolve
Module 2: Rest & Refresh
Module 3: Reasoning
Module 4: Responding
Module 5: Relationships
Module 6: Realise

The MindSense Mindful Manager Program™

The MindSense Mindful Manager Program™ has been developed to address a lack of recognition of mental health issues in the workplace. Research has shown that while one in five Australians experience mental illnesses, close to half of all senior managers believe their employees are not experiencing mental health issues. Management who are trained to promote mental wellbeing amongst staff and to recognise the signs of mental health issues can play a key role maintaining a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

The MindSense Mindful Manager Program™ is suitable for all Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Frontline Managers

Duration: 1.5 hour seminar (or half day options) on business premises or offsite. Maximum 15 participants