Early Intervention Early Intervention Early Intervention


Early intervention beings as soon as possible, it is crucial for all parties to work together to achieve the best possible outcome for the claimant. The quicker the intervention the more likely the negative sequel of the injury is negated.

We can assist as soon as possible after notification of a claim by working collaboratively with the treating health providers, recommending a medical treatment plan and the provision of specialists’ review and opinion which:

  • Assists the claimant to return to work from illness
  • Provides a supportive environment
  • Removes barriers to ensure people have an active and productive life.
  • Contains the cost of claims
  • Supports the establishment of relationship and connections which provides a positive outcome for all parties

The longer the duration of absence from work the poorer the prognosis and the higher the total claim costs.

Early intervention is designed to avoid delays in treatment, encourage evidence based treatment, cease ineffective treatments and liaise with the claims manager to avoid delays.