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MindSense provides our clients, their representatives and claimants/employees/members with objective, evidence-based medical diagnosis and prognosis. 

The MindSense Medico Legal Assessment Process

  1. Engaging the most appropriate and experienced examining Specialists or team of Specialists to determine if the claimant/employee/member has a psychiatric condition
  2. Providing recommendations to the referrer regarding the claimant/employee’s fitness for work, their prognosis, and any workplace support requirements
  3. Providing advice to the claimant/employee/member’s treating medical practitioner if further treatment is recommended
  4. Providing appropriate succinct medical reports to the referrer

All consulting services are provided in a supportive, caring and non-judgmental environment.

For claimants/employees/members:

Your Independent Medical Assessment Appointment

Please ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the assessment. The assessment will take approximately 60-90 minutes, depending upon its complexity, Neuropsychologists appointments will take approximately 4 hours.  An additional appointment may be required in some circumstances.

The assessment is not a consultation for the purposes of providing healthcare in the usual sense, and accordingly the doctor: patient relationship does not arise.  It is important that you understand the scope and nature of the assessment, and are aware of the implications of the subsequent report which is produced following the assessment. You will be asked to acknowledge your understanding of this by signing a consent form prior to the commencement of your appointment.

The examining Specialist Consultant Psychiatrist, Occupational Physician, Neuropsychologist or Psychologist has extensive experience in the field of medico-legal psychiatry and has been asked to provide an independent psychiatric assessment and report to the referring person or organisation.

The assessment will involve a detailed discussion in which the examining Specialist will take an extensive medical and psychiatric history. The examining Specialist will strive to approach the assessment as sensitively as possible.

Payment Information

The Specialists’ fee for performing the assessment is to be paid by the referring party.  The Specialist remains completely independent in this process and the assessment is only influenced by relevant clinical factors, and not by any extraneous considerations.

Non-attendance will result in a fee being incurred.