• MindSense is the only Australian specialist psychiatry practice devoted to occupational mental health
  • From January 2nd 2017 all MindSense appointments will be delivered at the Next Health clinic locations.
  • Customers should continue to book MindSense appointments directly with us on (08) 6140 1730 or by emailing the MindSense team on medlegal@msop.com.au.

MindSense Occupational Psychiatry

MindSense Occupational Psychiatry provides its clients with a unique level of expertise in mental health issues in the workforce. Businesses that invest in the well-being of their most important resource – their people – recognise the increasing human and financial cost of mental health issues in the workplace. By engaging MindSense to address both potential and existing issues, organisations lessen the burden to employees, their families and to the business itself.